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Level and cap machine vision inspector for any kind of transparent containers.

The VisioLevel is the integral solution for the level and cap control for high productivity bottling lines. As optional, it is possible to have a turbidity unit for champagnes.


Typical inspections:

  • Filling level:
    • Excess / lake / absence.
    • Algorithms to avoid the foam and wave effects.
  • Cap:
    • Cap absence.
    • Cap height (incorporation or wrong adaptability).
    • Thread integrity.
    • Wrong cap.


  • Camera CMOS B/W 1,3 mega pixels.
  • Back light illumination system.
  • IP65 Stainless steel enclosure for cameras.
  • Intel last generation processor.
  • TFT 17’’ touch screen.
  • User interface based on Windows.
  • USB, Ethernet.
  • Encoder for control the container position.



  • Wine and spirituous beverages.
  • Cavas, champagnes (Turbidity module as an option).
  • Whisky, liquors and beers.
  • Mineral water, juice and sodas.
  • Dairy products.
  • Olive and vinegar oils.



  • Easy to install on an existent conveyor.
  • Low maintainance.
  • Height Automatic adjustment  of the inspection
  • Intuitive interface utilization.
  • Easy format change.
  • Visual parameter control.
  • Remote Control. 
  • Online assistance E2M.
  • Production statistics in real time.
  • Rejecting signals management.
  • Lateral views in order to avoid the defects on the muzzle and the cap, hide them by the bottle orientation  (Turbidity module).


Sensors technology integration for opaque bottles.


  • Filling valves.
  • Caping machine head.

Turbidity module:

Level > 0.1 NTU (calibration for each format).

Rejection systems designed by E2M so that they adapt themselves to the typology of the container to be rejected.

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