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Vision artificial label inspector for any kind of container.

The VisioLabel Plus is one inspector for labels in oriented containers. The system takes 2 lateral pictures and as optional, one top image that contribute to the global precision.


Turnkey installation for inspection of (to consider each case):

  • Label presence.
  • Turned-over-label.
  • Double labelling.
  • Localized wrinkles.
  • Sloped label.
  • Unsticked label.
  • Broken or up corners.
  • Right horizontal label positioning with small rotations ovaled edges.
  • Vertical alignment label, cap, seal, collar.
  • Label identification (capacity, language, vintage,…).
  • Collar inclination.
  • Digital code bar verification.
  • Date and lot absence.


  • 1 to 3 cameras 1,3 megapixel CMOS B/N.
  • Frontal ilumination with adjustable LEDs.
  • Modem, USB, Ethernet.
  • Intel last generation processor.
  • Interface user based on Windows.
  • Monitor with TFT 17” touch screen.
  • Inox enclosure IP65.
  • Repositioning algorithms. 
  • Encoder for the container position control.
  • HIgh production lines.


All kind of oriented container formats. 

  • Labels:
    • Paper and self-adhesive (frontal, posterior, collar, seal, fiscal tamp,…).
    • Sleevers y retractile seals.
  • Products:
    • Spirituous beverages, whiskies and liquors.
    • Beers.
    • Mineral water.
    • Milk, juices and soda.
    • Olive oil and vinegar.
    • Pharmaceutical, cosmetic, products, etc.
    • Cleaning products.


Top camera (PLUS VERSION) that contribute to the global precision.

  • In line inspection outside the label machine.
  • Compact inspection area.
  • Intuitive using interface based on Windows.
  • Easy and simple product range.
  • Intuitive adjustment parameters.
  • Remote control  and E2M online technical.
  • Production statistics.
  • Low cost maintainance.
  • Signal reject management.


Top camera (PLUS VERSION) that contribute to the global precision.

VisioLabelling: control through artificial vision inside the labelling machine.

Integration filling level control system.

Integration with external inspection systems (code bar reader, "antitheft" labels,etc...).

Container reject with defective label: E2M provides one large reject system range.

Explainer video

Product sheet


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