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Progressive rejection and dividing systems. 

The Proporcional’s rejection system move the containers in a softly way in the order to avoid stability loss, thanks to a controlled impact mechanism. 


  • Deviation or rejection system with controlled impact
  • Perfect for bottles or any kind of containers containers.
  • Stainless Steel and soundproofed enclosure.

Deviaton to:

  • Container.
  • Contiguous or several conveyors.


Rejection/dividing system:

  • Stainless steel box.

Control unit:

  • TFT touch screen 115 x 165 mm Panel.
  • ABS IP 65 145 x 330 x 310 mm enclosure.
  • Configuration program for the format adjustment memorization.
  • Rejection or divisor system management (1 to 4 ways).
  • Digital and analogical signals management for the external inspection. 
  • Digital and analogical signal management for low pressure switch.


  • Silent system.
  • Easy to install on an existent conveyor.
  • Compacted and strong design
  • Minimum maintenance.
  • Long life systems and fast investment recovery.
  • Compatible with other inspection systems from other  manufacturers.
  • Possibility to adjust the division ways.
  • Large  adaptability to the maximal container diameter.
  • Maximum container weight: 8kg.
  • High accurancy.

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