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An orientation system for any kind of containers, full or empty, manufactured in any kind of material and shape.

The Flexiturn is able to orient the container independently to the degres. The system detect the container position while entering without causing damages or falls. 


  • In-line system, independent, in turn keys.
  • Quick and compact installation on the conveyor.
  • Lines until 650 bpm.
  • Give a constant oriented bottles flow.
  • Soft bottle handling.

In line orientation with:    

  • Lateral band activated independently.
  • Turn at any degre. 


The positioning at the entrance is detected by the inspection of : 

  • Mecanical shapes.
  • Engraving, weaves, graphics, handles, and so on.

Positioning detection techniques: 

  • Ultrasound, laser, fotocell, infrared, inductives.
  • Smart cameras (doesn’t need PC).
  • CCD B/N of 1,3 mega píxels caméras  (with PC). 


Bottles, boxes, small bottles and flasks orientation : 
  • Glass or plastic.
  • Full or empty.
  • With or without neck.
  • Capps.
  • Circular cans. 


  • Compact and linear system.
  • Flexible multiformat system.
  • Quick format change.
  • Compatible with any kind of formats.


Unstable Bottles, lights and/or empty.

Separator mecanism for incoming bottles:

  • Necessary to check if the bottles are coming at the turning point with a minimum gap. That is the only way to make the bottle turn one by one

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