Fill level inspection system  for transparent bottles/containers in a high frequency production line.

Fill level inspection system on a High frequency

Visiolevel is a high performance fill Level and Cap Inspection system by artificial vision with one or more cameras (depending on the model and customer needs) 

The containers pass through the protected inspection site at high speed capturing the system an image of the neck and cap that will be analyzed and processed with own algorithms to detect errors and deviations.


Ensuring product quality and optimizing packaging line efficiency is made possible by E2M’s Visiolevel fill level inspection system.

In production processes, the phase comprising the packaging line is a key moment that, without effective quality control and fill level and cap systems, can lead to significant losses.

Rejection of defective or non-production packaging is an effective solution for reducing operating costs and meeting quality standards and demands.

The Visiolevel filling level inspection system performs in a High frequency bottle fill level inspection, detecting defective bottles/containers.

Visiolevel for bottle fill level inspection

This innovative, Visiolevel bottle fill level stands out in the market for valuable features such as:

  • Easy installation on the existing conveyor.
  • Robust, compact and sturdy design.
  • It does not require maintenance.
  • Long life system and fast amortization.
  • Automatic height adjustment of the inspection bridge while changing format using a linear
  • Intuitive user interface.
  • Quick and easy format changes.
  • Parameters and tolerances setting for each format.
  • Remote control via internet and remote diagnosis.
  • Real time production statistics.
  • Rejection signal management. E2M offers a wide range of defective containers rejection systems. Also, for carafes.


In this system each packaging format has associated a set of parameters that will be changed very quickly through completely intuitive configuration applications.

Visiolevel fill level and cap inspection, together with rejection system, provide agility to production ensuring the highest quality.


  • 1 or 2 cameras CMOS b / n of 1.3 Mp. (standard equipment)
  • LED backlight lighting system
  • High performance production, up to 90,000 u / hour depending on the inspections to be performed
  • IP67 stainless steel enclosure for cameras
  • Latest generation INTEL processor
  • Windows 10 based computer system and interface
  • 17 ”TFT touch screen for operator communication
  • Keyboard with mouse
  • USB, Ethernet
  • Container position control by sensor and encoder

Rectangular, triangular and oval oriented containers


paper and self-adhesive (front, back, strip, collar, fiscal seal)
shrink sleeves and seals


Oils and vinegars
Cosmetic products
Detergents and cleaning products
Spirits, whiskeys and spirits
Juices, soft drinks and milks

  • Easy installation on existing conveyor
  • Robust, compact and rugged design
  • Maintenance free
  • Long life and fast amortization system
  • Automatic adjustment of the inspection bridge height when changing format using a linear actuator
  • Intuitive use interface
  • Quick and easy format and product changes
  • Parameter set and tolerances supported for each format
  • Remote control via internet and remote diagnosis
  • Real-time production statistics
  • Rejection signal management. E2M offers a wide range of defective bottle rejection systems. Also for ticks.
  • Envelope Tag Verification
  • Verification capped capsule / capsule
  • Special structure for carafes
  • Turbidity module
  • VISIOLEVEL T. With integrated turbidity module and inspection of muzzle in cava
  • VISIOLVEL 2C. Detection of foreign elements floating in the neck of the bottle before closing in addition to the usual VISIOLEVEL inspections

• VISIOLEVEL T. With integrated turbidity module and inspection of muselet for sparkling wine bottles.

• VISIOLVEL 2C. Detection of floating foreign bodies in the neck of the bottle before closing in addition to the usual VISIOLEVEL inspections.


What does VISIOLEVEL  fill level inspection system do?

Pronounced tilt

Wrong plug

Flag Tag

Cap Thread Definition

Marking Inspection

Minimize foam and swell defects

Wrong plug

Marking Inspection

Cap Thread Definition

Minimize foam and swell defects

Pronounced tilt

Flag Tag

Stopper Height

Definition of excess liquid

Absence of Stopper

Absence of Label

Lack or absence of filling

Seal Inspection


90.000 ENV/H


1 · Ǿ



Contourvision Micro

360º Label Inspector Outside The Labeller For Non-Oriented Vials

Visiotrace TE


Rejection .Division.Separation


Division, separation and rejection system in production lines for all types of packaging


System of division or rejection in production lines for all types of packaging


Proportional soft rejection / stable pneumatic splitter


Pneumatic Impact Ejection System



Separation system between packages so that the inspection team can work correctly.




Flexible and linear guide for all types of containers

Flexiturn Twinpack 

Orientation And Compaction System To Create Indivisible Packs, Saving Packs Or Twinpacks For Round Containers



Flexible packaging guide with two side bands



Line counselor for all types of non-circular containers


We have a lot to tell you about our Fill level inspection system by artificial vision 

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