The quality requirements in the food industry place artificial vision systems at the top of the essential equipment in the food sector.

Both in terms of regulations and consumer expectations, food products face constant observation.

With the automation of various processes, the software and hardware charged with capturing and processing data at high speed, becomes increasingly important.

Thus, machine vision systems have become the industry’s main ally.

What artificial vision can do in the food sector

These instruments, which, until not many years ago, were a cutting-edge innovation, are today an indispensable investment to put the business in a competitive position.

Artificial vision systems allow you to inspect and classify everything from containers to fruits, vegetables and meats within various packaging.

Although accuracy and speed are the most widely recognized advantages, they are also a guarantee of product quality that also means a cost reduction in the production process.

As it is an equipment that fits and integrates the production process, it favors the ability to manage a greater number of products while reducing defective items.

Some of the machine vision equipment specially designed by E2M for the food industry are:

  • Visiocap: for the inspection of defects in bottle caps and bottles.
  • Visio Can-End:For defect inspection in cans.
  • Visiotray:for the inspection of thermo-formed containers.

However there are many other inspection and classification teams designed by E2M that occupy a very important role, such as identifying defects in labels, prints and secondary packaging.


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