Inspection systems for the detection of errors and defects in the packaging line are increasingly important within a wide variety of sectors.

The packaged products industry is extensive and increasingly demanding in terms of packaging quality.

From compliance with the strictest regulations, to customer expectations, the packaging line has become a challenge for most producers.

To ensure the quality of the products and the image of the brand, the plants are committed to the implementation of machine vision systems aimed at inspecting the packaging.

Machine vision systems for container inspection

Sectors as diverse as the chemical and pharmaceutical industry, even the very wide divisions of products in the field of food and beverages, require solutions that offer speed and safety.

The solutions developed by E2M offer a wide range of systems to ensure the inspection of all types of packaging.

For this, the instruments integrate a number of elements that allow automating processes:

  • VisioTray, is the machinel vision inspector for all types of thermoformed containers in the food sector. Inspect trays and heat-sealed vessels, from dimensions to welds, in addition to product integrity and corresponding labeling.Among its main applications can be highlighted: in meat packaging, cheeses, pasta, sausages, seafood, etc.
  • Visio Can-End, is a quality control inspector of all kinds of cans and preserves. It analyzes the appearance of sealing and screen printing, inspecting spikes, holes, bumps, oxidation, etc.It’s suitable for all kinds of cans, including dingley, club, hansa, oval, etc.

These, among others of our products for the inspection of the packaging line, focus on guaranteeing maximum quality and improving productivity, reducing the costs and times of manual operations.


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