E2M – ESTUDIS ELECTRO-MECANICS is specialized in design, manufacturing and configuration of equipment to control the quality of production lines.

Our main objective is constant innovation in inspection through artificial vision, as well as guidance and rejection systems for all types of packaging.

With more than 25 years of experience in the field of technology, we have developed our presence internationally to offer a solution adapted and effective to the needs of each project.

The international presence of E2M is mainly focused on the following sectors: food packaging and beverage packaging (wines, sparkling wines, sweet drinks, spirits, beers and juices), but also in the pharmaceutical industries, Chemistry and cosmetics

At our stand 5639 (Hall 3) we can show you our machine VISIOCANEND .

The VISIOCANEND is an artificial vision inspector for any type of double stitching cans: Dingley, Club, Oval, Hansa, etc.


  • Artificial vision: total length of the closing perimeter.
  • Inspection: 100% of the production of cans, without physically manipulating them.
  • Technical approach:
  • Geometric analysis under the seam outside.
  • Pneumatic rejection of defective units.


  • Applies to visually detectable double stitching irregularities.
  • Those irregularities that make the safety of the can be questionable (“V”, falls and flanges torn down).


  • False accepts: 0/1000.
  • False rejections:% (depends on the required accuracy).

Canning Line:

  • High performance lines (300upm).
  • Constant flow of inspected cans.


Pau Vilà i Dinarès, 10
08192 Sant Quirze del Vallès
Barcelona - Spain