Among the multiple solutions offered by artificial vision systems for different industries, the differentiation and separation of products online is especially useful the beverage sector.
This type of artificial vision systems focused on classification, according to the identification of shapes, colors or dimensions, offers great advantages for plants assembled in reverse logistics or return packaging.

In E2M we have developed VisionSotoring, a turnkey system installed on a bridge-shaped conveyor for the identification of the bottles and their subsequent separation.

Inspection and classification of bottles online
Returnable containers are a double situation for companies.

On the one hand, they promote reuse and, with it, energy and environmental efficiency; the benefit, of course, a commitment to sustainability increasingly valued by consumers.

But, on the other hand, this also means allocating a quantity of resources to the operations of reverse logistics and subsequent complementary processes.

In order to promote the reduction of costs and time involved in these processes, the E2M VisioSorting artificial vision system optimizes the classification of bottles to the maximum:

Identify the bottles by height, shape and color.
Have differentiation alternatives between glass bottles.
Automatically adjust the height of the bridge when selecting the production format.
To this, the option of the Scuffing Module is added, which allows the base to be measured at the height and depth of the scuffing (glass strips).

This system of artificial vision of E2M for differentiation and separation products online, is delivered as a key product in hand, ensuring a fully flexible and tailored to the needs of your business solution.


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