In the packaging line the orientation and placement of the product in the correct position is one of the most appreciated advantages of artificial vision in the industrial field.

Artificial vision systems are made up of a number of components that allow you to process and analyze images to make decisions.

Cameras and opticians inspect the details of the object in a matter of milliseconds, even those details imperceptible to the human eye, and check conformity with the pattern.

In the case of equipment with machine vision systems dedicated to orientation, decisions are made around the position of the product and its correct placement in terms of a series of predetermined parameters.

At E2M we have developed three systems aimed at reviewing product orientation at different stages of the production process:

  • FlexiTurn: The system detects the right position and is able to orient the container to the necessary grades without causing falls or shocks.

It is a flexible orientator for packaging manufactured in any type of material, even if they are full or empty, so it is useful for both different production phases and reverse logistics.

  • TurnNotTurn: The system detects all types of non-circular containers, plugs and cans.

It is an inline orientator based on tweezers with 180-degree rotation that allows medium and low speed productions.

  • QuadraTurn: The system detects the packaging on the tape and detects the independent shape of each one, to detect the orientation of its different parts and locate it correctly in turns of 90 and 180 degrees.

Each of these systems differs in relation to the guidance strategies required by each type of production, as well as in some components that determine the frequency of productions for which they are most suitable.

Contact our professionals to know all the details of these systems and find an instrument tailored to your needs.


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